Neutralizing odors for agriculture, wastewater, floods and disasters
John Herian of Alliance Nebraska 
“I was told to spray the stinkest thing I could think of so I sprayed my son’s dipper pail. I lifted the lid a few minutes later and WOW, the smell was gone.”

Marilea Chase of Milo, Iowa
"I'm very impressed with Odorgon. My allergies when we work in the building have decreased alot since we put in the Odorgon system."
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Brian Buehler Odebolt, Iowa
"The death loss was reduced after we put in the Odorgon system. They're healthier pigs, I just don't medicate pigs that often."

Voni Heimbouche of Chicago Illinois
“We stayed in a hotel room that was a smoking room and it was well smoked in. I spayed the room, went to dinner and when I came back the room seemed more like a non-smoking room. Amazing product.”

Cory Hall of Norwalk Iowa
“At a dealership, I looked at a car that the odor inside of which, was absolutely unbearable and they said they could not get the smell out. I purchased it for pennies on the dollar, went home and used odorgon in it. Within 24 hours the smell was gone forever. What a product!”

Christy D of Des Moines Iowa
“I purchased a house that had horrible cat smells throughout a couple of the rooms. I purchased the product but did not really think that anything would work. I figured I would have to replace all the carpets and wood flooring in the home. I can’t believe how great this product works. It saved me thousands of dollars in the end. I can’t say enough about this product. Thanks Odorgon”

Josh Linde Manning, Iowa
"I put the Odorgon system in one room of my 2400 head hog barn and not the other to compare differences. The difference was the death loss was half as much in the Odorgon room compared to the room not treated"